Aunt Myrt's diamond bracelet

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Aunt Mryt's first husband, Harry Curbow, was a mechanic and a bit of an alcoholic. They lived in Port Arthur, Texas.

One night after a bad fight, she got a carbuncle on her neck, and she went to jump off the port. There she met a man named Jack Defee who lived at a Boarding house nearby. He looked after her, and phoned her parents to send her home. They sent money for her and her furniture to be shipped from Texas home.

Even though she returned to Ga, Jack liked her and wrote to her. He sent her a bracelet for her birthday, and diamond to add to it every year after that. Myrt visited him once during that time.

Dolly recalls wearing the bracelet when she visited Aunt Myrt at her nursing home. Myrt remembered the braceled and that Jack Defee gave it to her.